Offbeat: Deer Man

July 3, 2006--Posted at 7:15 a.m.  CDT

Dan Melton is a deer man, as in doe, a deer, a female deer.  Dan's been rasing pet deer for 13 years, after a friend gave him one of his pet deer.

Right now Dan has five full grown bucks and does and two baby fawns.  Two of Dan's deer are a little unusual, they are pure albino deer.  He bred them himself and believes he's the only person in Arkansas raising albino deer.

Dan warns anyone else from getting into raising pet deer as hobby.  He says it's a lot of hard work and the bucks can be dangerous.  While they are pets, at the same time, they still have their wild insticnt and will attack in a moments notice.  Dan's learned that the hard, but has managed to walk away each time.

After 13 years or hard work with the deer Dan says he'll give up his hobby after he finishes raising the ones he has right now.