New Program Aims to Put More Missouri Products on Grocery Shelves

JULY 3, 2006 - Posted at 8:02 a.m. CST

SPRINGFIELD, MO - A new program is seeking to put more products made in the state on grocery store shelves.

State officials are working with the Missouri Grocers Association and grocery chain RCPS on the Missouri-made effort.

Under the new program, entrepreneurs can send their products to a warehouse, where they will then be distributed throughout the region.

Without the program, small businesses often struggle to get linked into the traditional product distribution system.  Stores often charge a fee for placement on their shelves.  And they sometimes require a massive insurance policy to participate.

The program will first be tested with the sale of nonperishables at five Price Cutters stores in the Springfield area.  It could then expand to stores across the state, and grow to include fresh produce and meat.

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