Williams Landing Getting Trashed

July 3, 2006--Posted at 3:45 p.m. CDT

DIXIE, AR--The weather is warm and every weekend a number of Region 8 residents head out to their favorite swimming hole for a good time. But in some cases they aren't cleaning up after themselves. Williams Landing is a perfect summer destination to swim, fish, boat and soak up summer. 

"I grew up here, so it means quite a bit to me, so we like to keep it cleaned up," said resident Mark Passmore.

However, over the past couple years, those who visit Williams Landing on the weekends are using and abusing the Craighead County boat ramp.

"On Monday if you are the first one out here you have to clean the beer bottles off the ramp," said Passmore.

According to Passmore, on any given you weekend, you will see anywhere from 20 to 100 people at Williams Landing leaving behind their trash.

"There will be drinking, smoking, more than likely drugs," said Passmore.

In addition to trash, someone has also parked a boat in the middle of the river to serve as a party barge. On several occasions Arkansas Game and Fish have placed a sign here, but the frame is all that is left.

"Game and Fish provided us a ramp years ago. Every time they put up a sign the weekend partiers tear it down and use it for a fire wood," said Passmore.

The sign isn't the only thing these weekend warriors have tried burning. Over the past weekend a portion of the bridge was set on fire.

"People want to come out here have a good time and swim and get together. That is fine, but they need to clean up after themselves," said Passmore.

Mark is hoping the area will be patrolled more often by Craighead County Sheriff's Department and that those responsible for trashing this summer hangout are brought to justice.

"If you don't stop trashing the place I hope you go to jail," said Passmore.

If you are caught littering, it can have a stiff penalty. Fines can be in excess of $1000 and can include community service picking garbage.