ASU's New Residence Halls Wrapping Up Construction

July 5, 2006--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--We may be in the dog days of summer, but the upcoming school year is just around the corner.  While most students are enjoying their summer vacation there's been no break in the construction projects going on at ASU in Jonesboro.

"What we are looking at is a lot of new facilities that students will come and find the things they think they need and the things we feel will be important to them," said residence life director  Patrick Dixon.

One of the largest projects nearing completion is the newest residence hall community which will replace the Twin Towers and Delta Hall dormitories. While the new resident halls resemble apartments, they are more like dorm suites.

"You'll have four bedrooms that come off of a living room area. The difference is in an apartment you'll usually have a full sized kitchen.  Here we'll have a kitchenette," said Dixon.

ASU's $24 million dollar residence hall community will house 836 students and as of now every bed is spoken for.

"We will be complete with this project by August 19th. That's the day the students start moving in," said Dixon.

ASU is hoping the new residence halls and other ongoing construction projects will further add to one of the south's emerging universities.

"Once we are done with the construction, we will rival any collegiate campus in our region, so students will come here for our facilities, come here for the people and then get a great education," said Dixon.

Each room in the new residence hall community will come furnished with a twin bed, dresser and desk.