Sheryl Crow - Kennett is Telling All

July 6, 2006 - Posted at 3:30 p.m. CST

Kennett, MO - After two years of dating, being engaged, and making wedding plans, Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong break it off. Just two weeks later, she's diagnosed with breast cancer. Diane Sawyer sat down with Sheryl Crow on Good Morning America to talk about her struggles and what's next for the star. We went to Kennett, Mo - the hometown of Sheryl Crow- to see what their take is on her latest endeavors.
Six ladies...Heather, Nancy, Mary Jo, Jill, Carol, and Betsy...all friends of the Crow family watched as Sheryl spoke out about the past year of her life.
"It was right on the nose. What you saw there was the real Sheryl Crow...anytime you see her it's the real thing. She is so down to earth, and she doesn't forget where she comes from."
Heather Mchaney married a childhood friend of Sheryl's and says that's how they met.
"We were at a Christmas Party and she had heard that I wanted to meet her but you know, I wanted to give her some space because she was just trying to have a good time. But she came up to me and introduced herself...because she really wants to know what's going on with old friends...that shows you how much she cares about her roots here in Kennett."
Nancy McVey has always been close to the Crows and remembers her growing up.
"It's funny because we actually joke about how we are famous because of her...people will say, 'You know Sheryl Crow?!' And I say, 'Oh yeah, we are like this (crossing her fingers). It's just so funny because when she is here she is just so normal, she doesn't let the stardom go to her head."
Mary Jo Byrd has also been a family friend for years and says Sheryl really wants to give back to the community.
"Well, she has done so much for us...the pool, fundraisers, just being the hometown of Sheryl Crow and representing us. She sends some of her clothes she has worn, some she hasn't, shoes, jewelry, and other items that we sell. All of the proceeds go to help the Children's Shelter."
Jill Tidd was a friend of Sheryl's brother Steve, and that's how she got "in".
"When we were younger, Sheryl had her first show at Mud Island and she got all of us backstage passes and brought us in a limo, and we were it! And that really shows you who she is, she really wants to be surrounded with family and friends and she makes it happen."
Carol Parmenter has been a friend of the family, and says she knows how much she is giving back to the community.
"I live in Germany, and I know she is such a star, but she doesn't forget where she comes from, and I think she gets that from her parents. The interview was just honest, because that's who she is."
Betsy Byrd grew up in the same church as Sheryl and their family.
"Her mom taught me piano, so we are really close...haha...she is just such a normal person and it's great to see her. It's hard because you don't think of stars getting things like breast cancer, but when Sheryl was diagnosed, we were all shocked."
All of these ladies shared stories and told us what they thought about the relationship, the break-up, the family, and having her home during the holidays.
And when we asked what they first thought about Lance Armstrong, they all laughed and looked at Mary Jo...
"We didn't even know who he was...I thought he was the son of an astronaut...haha....I had never even heard of him."