Fire Destroys Firefighter's Home

July 6, 2006-- Posted at 11:00 pm

CASH-- A fire in Cash on the Fourth of July weekend brought the whole town together... A house went up in flames without warning... The irony... It belonged to a firerfighter.

We visited his home where his team is still gathered helping pick up the pieces.

It was a fire visible for miles... It took 29 firefighters and assistance from Bono and Valley View to help the Cash fire department put out the flames. And the home belonged to one of their own.

Cash Fire Chief David McCall says, "You go out and you see other people's houses catch on fire, but when it's your own firefighter, it hurts... It hurts bad."

And for cash firefighter Daniel Gammill, seeing his own home in flames was a struggle. He watched his team control the blaze as he stood helpless.

"I've fought a lot of grass fires, a lot of house fires and you really don't understand the people that you fight for until you go on the scene and it's your house. You just kind of have to sit back and let everybody do their job. It was a hard feelin'," Gammill says.

Gammill's gear was just a part of the ashes that are now where his home used to be, and for his family, a wife and two children, there's nothing left.

"He has lost everything. It kind of hurts... It hits all of us," McCall says.

Even after the blaze, his crew is sticking together helping their co-worker and friend pick up the pieces... And although most of his belongings are gone, his badge survived.

"You buy a house and live in it 10 years and you come home and it's nothing left. It's gone... It's all gone. You can't bring those memories back by looking at them... All you have is what's in you thoughts," Gammill says.

The fire is still under investigation and there's no word on what caused it.... No one was inside when it started.

The Cash volunteer fire protection auxiliary has an account set up at Simmons Bank for those who'd like to help the Gammill family get back on their feet