Wynne Couple Opens Home for Boys in Need

July 8, 2006 -- 10:20 PM CDT

WYNNE, AR -- James and Martha Rhea have gone the extra mile to help those children who have no where to turn.

"There is nothing more important to a child than to have some care and a place to live," said Mr. Rhea.  "I can't understand why they're all not at home with a family."

The couple has taken the initiative to open a residential boys home in Wynne, AR.

"This is a passion for us," said Mrs. Rhea.  "It's ashame that children can be mistreated.  We don't understand how someone can mistreat a child."

Several people from the community stopped by the home to show their support

"The people are very interested in helping," said Mrs. Rhea.  "This particular cause is close to the hearts of many people."

A safe haven for boys ages six through 18, the home consists of four bedrooms, a game room and a swimming pool in the backyard to keep the boys busy.

"We'll make everything interesting to the children," said Mr. Rhea.  "It will be great to have some interest in the kids, and I know that the kids will have a great interest in some of the things we put in front of them."

Although the Rheas' are parents of six daughters, they're excited about having boys in the new home that will open in a few days.

"We've been working on having a boys home for about a year and half now.  It's just something in my heart and in my husband's heart to help the children," said Mrs. Rhea.

Helping the children is their number one priority, and they've opened their hearts and a home to children who need them most.