Region 8 Vegetable Farmers Part of New USDA-Approved Project

JULY 10, 2006 - Posted at 2:46 p.m. CDT

FORREST CITY, AR - Six Arkansas vegetable farms are hoping to earn passing grades from USDA inspectors this week.  If they do, new markets should open for them soon.

In October, the USDA awarded a $265,000 grant to the Arkansas Land and Farm Development Corporation to coordinate the current project.  That non-profit group picked six top farmers, who formed Forrest City-based American Heartland Produce, Inc.

The farmers have been trained based on the USDA's audit verification program, a nationwide initiative that verifies whether the FDA's food safety guidelines are being followed.  If the six Arkansas vegetables farms pass inspection, they get a one-year certificate and can start selling produce with the "American Heartland" logo.

American Heartland wants to become synonymous with vegetables the way Sunkist is with oranges.

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