Wednesday Rains Bring More Flooding Issues to Jonesboro

JULY 13, 2006 - Posted at 7:36 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - While many of us enjoyed the rain that Region 8 received on Wednesday, it wasn't a welcome site for everyone.

Julio's Mexican Restaurant & Bar  literally saw the waters rise when the heavy rains hit downtown Jonesboro early Wednesday afternoon.  Julio's sits at a very low point in the 300 block of South Main Street, which makes it vulnerable to flooding.   And to further complicate matters yesterday, the underground business sits beneath street level.

Co-owner Julio Diaz told K8 News he was sitting in the restaurant when the rain started, and before he knew it, water was pooring inside from storm drains.  "It was just a matter of minutes when it was pouring down real hard.  I was sitting there drinking a glass of water, and I thought I spilled some.  Then I looked again, then before you know it I realized that bottle didn't have that much in it.  So there was a lot of water on the floor."

Julio's employees brought in wet-vacs to get rid of the water, and the restaurant remained open for business.  It apparently suffered no permanent damage.

Yesterday's rains also brought minor street flooding to some Jonesboro neighborhoods and business districts.