Rains Come Down...Floods Go Up

July 13, 2006--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--So when does one inch of rain equal several feet of water? That's the question being asked in some Jonesboro neighborhoods when downpours like Wednesday's cause major drainage issues.

"Eventually it is not going to quit raining one of these days and everything is going to float out the back door," said Kitchen Street resident Tony Keller.

Keller and other Jonesboro residents see water levels rise to their front doors when heavy rains roar through town.

"According to what I have been told, the problems they have down stream from me, Turtle Creek, Indian Mall, and Sears is because of what is happening here," said Keller.

According to Keller, the water in the ditch behind his house will fill in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the water flows at such speeds that it blows debris from all over town.

"I have furniture that comes across the road, appliances. Anything you can think of including propane bottles and tires," said Keller.

For residents in the Kitchen Street neighborhood, Wednesday wasn't an isolated incident. Roughly 4 or 5 times a year the waters rise leaving damage in their wake.

"A lot of this stuff was put in the 40's, 50's and 60's. A lot of this drainage probably served the purpose then, but this is 2006, and there has been a lot of growth," said Keller.

Keller went on to say he thinks the city is neglecting some neighborhoods around town like his to make sure other neighborhoods stay dry.

"I understand they got their plate full, but they got to understand this is the only plate I am worried about emptying out is right here," said Keller.

Keller says he has offered to sell some of his property to the city for the building of a retention pond to help alleviate some of the flooding both in his neighborhood and downstream.