ASU Chooses to 'Go Green'

JULY 14, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Nearly 2 months ago, Arkansas State University decided to join others across the nation taking a stand for our environment. Al Romero ASU's Biology Department Chair has played a key part in making this happen.

"We now have an association of about 300 universities that are working in terms of making campus much more greener. Not because we'll have more grass, but because we'll do more things that are more environmentally sensitive," says Aldemaro Romero, the ASU Biology Department Chair.

ASU officials signed the Talloires Declaration putting ASU in a worldwide network of higher education institutions dedicated to preserving the environment. ASU says they're hoping this new environmental program not only helps the university, but also helps the students become more environmentally conscious in their future lifestyles.

Romero says he hopes to see ASU conduct business in a way that is much more efficient, with less waste and a better use of energy.

"One of things that we don't understand very clearly is that environmentalism is not just idealism. It's something that has a practical application and economic benefits for all," says Romero.

Romero says ASU is already ahead of some universities when it comes to their recycling program and their work with environmental research. He says this new program will only help show others that Arkansas State is serious about saving our environment.

"There are many more of us each day. There is more consumption at all levels, so we need to find ways in which we not only live very comfortable, but at the same time rational way today. But where we also leave for the future communities, a better planet, a better country, a better community," says Romero.

It also seems to be a city-wide effort. The City of Jonesboro told us today that they also are seeing an increase in conservation interest, stating that nearly 30% of people within the city are participating in the recycling program.