Body Found in Ditch

July 15, 2006 -- Posted at 4:45 p.m. CDT

CLAY COUNTY, AR -- Late Friday night the Clay County Sheriff's Department began investigating the discovery of a body that was found floating in a ditch in rural Clay County.

The body was found between Knobel and Peach Orchard.

The call came in just before 8 o'clock on Friday night.  When sheriff's deputies arrived they discovered the body of 74-year-old Wannis Flannery of Knobel.

"We know the man had been fishing on a bridge up stream, and we somehow or another he ended up in the water," said Clay County Sheriff Ronnie Cole.

But, officials say he wasn't in the water very long before being discovered.

"We believe the body had probably been in the water less than three hours," said Cole.

Cole says they don't know exactly what happened to Flannery, but they do have their speculations.

"What we think may have happened is that he possible had a heart attack, and then fell off the bridge into the water," said Cole.

Cole says they don't suspect foul play at this time.

"Right now we are sending the body to the state medical examiner for an autopsy.  We'll see what the results are from the autopsy to see if we need to proceed further," said Cole.

The results from the state crime lab are expected in the next few weeks.