Offbeat: Troop Tribute

July 17, 2006--Posted at 7:00 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR-- Valerie Jackson wants our U.S. troops around the world to know we haven't forgotten about them and she's doing her part.  For the last two months Jackson has been making troop tribute videos on her computer and sharing them with everyone she knows.

The 22 year old Jonesboro woman is a computer "newbie" and says she self taught herself how to use the movie making software on her computer.  She searches the internet to find photos of soldiers in and out of battle and uses those pictures mixed with music to bring honor those serving our country around the world.  Jackson says it's also a way to record history, so we don't forget what our troops are doing for us in the name of freedom.

Jackson also chats on line with soldiers, offering an ear to those struggling with so much.  She says she feels a little like a personal therapist, allowing the troops to pour out their troubles and trials.

Now Jackson is working toward getting a web page set up where she might be able to share her cyber tributes with the rest of the world.  She is also hoping others will be inspired to make their own tributes and share them with the world.