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Consider This - July 17, 2006

Public Nuisance Laws Feedback

Last week we shared comments from Elizabeth Hansen of Jonesboro regarding her frustration with inconsiderate people. After we aired the segment Elizabeth wrote us again...

"You hit the nail on the head when you stated the problem of being inconsiderate comes from selfishness and the "Me" generation.

As the old saying goes, "My mother and daddy would turn over in their graves if I had ever been as inconsiderate as these people are today. And these are not just teenagers. Some of these offenders are grown people in their 30s and 40s."

If we gave the impression that we were referring to only the younger generation we certainly were not. In fact, it is the older offenders that are often the worst to deal with.

To get the perspective from law enforcement, Chief Yates from the Jonesboro Police Dept was kind enough to share this feedback.

"I can't really speak for Miss Elizabeth's opinion of how we handled it and she may or may not have even known that we did take action because if the action took place where she couldn't really see it she wouldn't know. But I feel that it was important to know that when we do get a request for service we are going to do the very best we can with the resouces available at that particular point in time."

There are always two sides to every story...

And Caitlyn from Newark wants to make sure we share both sides...

"Everyone should have their opinions heard without the influences of your correspondence. Your segment should show both sides of the conflict. For instance, on July 10, a woman made a comment about the noise of cars in her neighborhood. Instead of broadcasting her (and only her) comment, you should have showed both sides of the issue, so you wouldn't subtly tell Region 8 that you were biased with her point of view. Everyone's voice should be heard, not just the voice you want to hear."

Caitlyn... thanks for your feedback... that's exactly what we do at the end of each segment... ask for your comments... and we are sharing your opinion this week. 

Saundra D'Arcy - Ramsey from Cherokee Village called in this comment...

"I heard your comments today and I certainly am in total agreement with you. Disrespect for your fellowman and for your neighbors is appalling to me.  And you do the right thing by contacting your local law enforcement agency, hoping that they will help you with disturbing the peace issues, and instead you are the recipient of charges against you by the very perpetrator who is causing the problem." 

Richard from Newport wants parents to be held accountable as well as the children...

"Let's start holding the parents responsible in addition to the children, fining them and requiring them to do community service together.  Maybe they might learn something during that quality time."

And wrapping up the comments... this feedback from Richard Hughes of Leachville...

"I just veiwed the segment regarding loud stereos and what not. They drive me crazy! I would like to grab my 12 gauge and go blow their windows out or the stereo to bits. Okay, that's going too far. It is all about them. No one else is important."........ "In a town up north which is smaller than Jonesboro, signs are posted warning people who break the boombox laws that they WILL pay a $100 fine--no exceptions."

Richard... I would say that would get their attention.

We don't have enough time to share all the comments from viewers, but you can read them online. Just go to the Consider This section on our website and click on the comments column.

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