Keeping Cool at the Pool

July 19, 2006--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, AR--Drinking lots of water, avoiding the sun during peak hours, and staying in the shade are all popular ways of beating the heat. When the mercury is rising, one thing is still synonymous with staying cool....a trip to the pool.

"It is a hot day, I have been playing baseball and it is just burning hot out there," said Sky-lar Colvin.

But exactly how hot is hot?

"It is 98, 99 degrees," said Alissa Snow.

"So hot I can die," said Caelen Baxter.

When it is this hot the best way to beat the heat is to take a dive into your local pool. One of the most popular place's to take the dive here in region 8 is the Paragould Splash Park.

"It's a blast," according to Jordan O'Neil.

"I just come out here with my friends and enjoy the rides," said Jacob Lorenzana.

"I like to come here because of the slides, the pool and the diving board. It's just fun," said Tonlee Mitchell.

On the hottest days of the summer people from all across the region will come to the Paragould Splash Park to beat the heat. It's so busy some days they have to shut the door.

"We have had to shut the gates down before because we had so many people, like over 700 people," said lifeguard Marissa Russell.

With hundreds of people enjoying the park, the lifeguards have their hands full.

"Countless. You can't keep up with how many times you blow your whistle," said Russell.

While the lifeguards stay busy, parents take the time to enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation.

"Oh, it keeps them occupied and you can't beat the price," said parent William Dixon.

If you can't manage to make it to a pool or splash park, make sure you stay cool.