Gentlemen, Start Your...Lawnmowers?

July 20, 2006 Posted at 9:45 a.m.

Jonesboro, AR -  Lawnmower races may seem like fun to grandpa and his buddies at the nursing home, but to the everyday person we want more power. So a group of people have modified a few mowers and now have the Arkansas Lawnmowers Racing Association.

"These aren't your everyday mowers. These have no blades, they are lowered, of course they look pretty...and they are fast! How fast? Well the record is over 80 mph. These we have can go over 60!"

The ARLMRA (Arkansas Lawnmowing Racing Association) have competitions all over and are always looking for new members... even women and children.

Tammy Kirkendoll said she has been racing right along side the men and hopes more women will get involved.

"It's a fun sport, and it's not a time that the husband goes out and does his sports and leaves the wife and kids at home...this is something for the whole family. Women can do this just like the men can, and it's fun and way less expensive than car racing."

This Saturday, ARLMRA is hosting a charity race to benefit Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for children who are burn victims.  ARLMRA President, David Smith said it's sponsored by the Arkansas Children's Hospital and Arkansas Firefighters. At Camp Sunshine, the firefighters volunteer as counselors, and hope this race will bring in the appropriate funds.

"We always have a great time racing, but this is all for the kids and the camp. We really want people to know about this camp and help out. Anyone can bring out their own lawnmower, as long as they take the blades off, and can race in our stock-mower race, and kids can bring out those battery powered power wheels and race. It's fun for the whole family."

If you would like more information about the event call David Smith 974-1155. For more information about ARLMRA log onto For more information about Camp Sunshine, log onto , or call 501-364-1323.