Turned Upside Down

One of the most recognizable features of Harrisburg, Arkansas is the Poinsett County Courthouse. For seven years now, County Judge Bill Craft has walked through these doors to his office. However, last December 18th he didn't make it. It was a cold morning with misting rain and the threat of black ice on road. It was the ice on Highway 14 near Weona, that landed Judge Craft upside down in a ditch. "Water started seeping in around the windows. I reached to hit my seat belt and release it, but it wouldn't come loose and I began to get scared.

He struggled to get out, but he was trapped with the water rising fast. Craft says that's when he turned to the power of prayer. "I began to panic. Fear came over me, and I began to really loose it. All the sudden, out of my mouth, I cried out Dear God please don't let me drown. Because I knew I was going to drown if I didn't get out of that belt"

Then, he heard the answer, "Get your weight off the belt." He pushed against the steering wheel and the belt came loose. "I got the window rolled down, and oh, I never had such a cold bath in all my life. That icy cold water... Ice was about an inch thick when I broke through."

When Bill popped up out of the water, a uniform laundry truck driver from Parkin named Clinton Davis was waiting at the bank to help him out. Craft says, "I don't know if I could have gotten up that icy bank without him, to be honest. He was there, got me up in his truck, and I don't know how many towels he used to dry me off good."  For Judge Craft, this was another example of how God was taking care of him. How else could there have been a helpful man with that many towels!

Bill Craft says the entire horrific experience is a true example of the power of prayer. "I know if I had never cried out that prayer, it would never have come to me what to do. But I feel like that was an answered prayer right there. God spoke to me, how he did it I don't know. But I feel like God spoke to me and told me how to get out of there."