Utility Bills Increase with the Temperatures

July 21, 2006 -- 5:10 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Grover Moss of Jonesboro shook his head in disbelief when he received his light bill.

"With this heat wave and everything, we've noticed a large increase in our electric bill," said Moss.

His electric bill used to run about $90 a month, but has gone up about to $150 with the rise in temperatures.

"That's some kind of increase with the increase in heat and everything," he said.

Randy Simpkins of City Water & Light has everything under control at the office.  He said the company was prepared for the large volume of customers running their air conditioners.

"We peaked yesterday and we peaked the day before yesterday," said Simpkins.  "We just try to plan years in advance that we'll be ready for that kind of situation."

Simpkins said that the demand for electricity always increases as temperatures rise, leaving customers digging deeper into their pockets.

Mosses said that he just deals with it and pays the bill.

"We just go with the flow, and in this case, go with the heat," said Mosses.

Electricity is not the only thing on the rise, Karla Stark runs her sprinklers three times a week, and she's paying more for water now.

"It usually runs about $12 a month, and it's jumped up to about $20 a month," said Stark.

Everything is going up, as the burning temperatures burn holes in pocketbooks and wallets too.