Protecting Our Borders

July 22, 2006 -- 9:15 PM CDT

POPLAR BLUFF, MO -- Senator Jim Talent and Representative Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri spoke to the public on immigration and border patrol Saturday.

"I am going around Missouri reassuring people that they're correct to be worried about the security of the border," said Talent.

The two legislators outlined a plan to secure America's borders.

"The House of Representatives passed a very strong border security bill that really puts tough penalities on employers who hire illegal aliens," said Emerson.

She said that the Senate thinks otherwise.

"The United States Senate has passed a big bill that's basically promoting amnesty," said Emerson.  It just says to all the illegals 'okay well you know you really shouldn't have come here, but we're gonna let you be here anyway,'" she added.

Sen. Talent expressed to the public where he stands on the issue.

"We really need to make the borders secure," he said.  "I think we have to have fencing to be able to do that, and we have to not provide amnesty for those unlawfully in the country.   We tried that 20 years ago and it's resulted in the problem being five times as bad."

He's now proposing a plan that would increase the number of border security agents by five thousand.  He's also calling for new technology, fences and barriers.

"It mirrors a lot of what we passed in the House of Representatives," said Emerson.  "If in fact they could get that through the Senate, we might actually bring common sense to this real troubling problem."

Until the House and Senate can reach common ground, this will continue to be a stand-by and wait situation.