Energy Efficient Home Under Construction

July 23, 2006 -- 9:35 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Shannon Roberson and his wife are building their new home in Jonesboro, but this isn't a typical home.

"It's going to be an energy efficient home," said Roberson.

So what makes a home an energy efficient home?

"The type of windows you put in the well you insulate well your corners and T's are built for insulating purposes," he said.

The model home sits on two acres of land.  Roberson said the property was passed on to him by his grandparents, and that's one reason it's so important to them that the house be energy efficient.

"We want to stay and hopefully our kids will be here as well, and maybe they can build on this land too," said Roberson.

The couple also hopes to save on utilities.  They project to spend about $90 a month in electricity on their 6500 square foot home.

Craighead Electric Cooperative and Arkansas Electric Cooperative are sponsors of the model home.

The Robersons received highlights for an energy efficient home by energy efficient consultant Doug Rye.

They hope to be settled in their new home by May of 2007.