Jonesboro Man Signs On with Knights Templars

JULY 24, 2006 - Posted at 8:04 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - An organization with a centuries-old tradition, which was brought to the attention of many people by the movie and book "The Da Vinci Code," has at least one member in northeast Arkansas.  Ron Miller of Jonesboro was invested into the Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem over a year ago, around the time much of the world was learning more about the original Knights Templars.

According to tradition, after the original Knights Templar were dismantled in 1307, the ones who weren't killed fled across Europe.  From there it's believed many groups later formed with the same basic principle of the original Templars, upholding Christianity.

Miller says he's intent on helping those in need throughout the world.  He says he doesn't mind at all the new interest in the Knights Templar.  That's just fine with Miller.  He said anything that prompts people to look within themselves and ask questions about the history of their faith is a good thing.

Overall, Miller said his order of Knights Templar believe the organization was well portrayed in the movie.  He has read the book, and he watched the movie when it first arrived in theaters.

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