Cheney Campaigns in Northwest Arkansas for Hutchinson

JULY 24, 2006 - Posted at 1:52 p.m. CDT

SPRINGDALE, AR - Vice President Dick Cheney traveled to northwest Arkansas today to campaign for Asa Hutchinson, a former congressman and Homeland Security official who is running for governor.  Cheney called Hutchinson a "first-class" public servant and praised his experience in Washington.  Hutchinson said he was proud of his work in Washington and said the experience would help him as governor.

Cheney also expressed support for American efforts in Iraq.  He said if the nation pulled out of the war now, attacks on American interests would increase.  The vice president also said the nation's enemies are "fractured" but that they are still lethal.

Hutchinson faces Democratic Attorney General Mike Beebe and independent Rod Bryan in the fall general election.

After leaving Arkansas, Cheney was to travel to Alabama for a Republican fundraiser.

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