Marmaduke Cleanup Continues

July 24, 2006--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

MARMADUKE, AR--After 3 months the town of Marmaduke is still cleaning up.

"We are in the first phase of picking up the concrete debris. The other debris is gone," said Marmaduke Mayor Nileane Drope.

Starting Monday, the concrete from the driveways and foundations of homes, destroyed by April 2nd's tornado, were being cleared to open the door for new beginnings.

"There will be new foundations to start with. Like having a new town and I am real excited about it," said Drope.

Unlike most of the debris that was left behind by April 2nd's tornado, this debris won't go to waste. It will be used in the sewer ponds to reinforce the levees.

"We're going to use it for riff raff on our sewer banks. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for that, it is something that will remain part of our town forever out there," said Drope.

Once cleared of concrete the land will house 34 mobile homes and other residential homes to bring residents back to town. In addition, five new small businesses have moved to Marmaduke since the tornado.

"They are going to come back. I think in two years we'll see Marmaduke, not like we used to be but, we'll see Marmaduke again," said Drope.

Marmaduke's makeover will continue in the next couple weeks as the town has plans to tear down the old damaged water tower located at the center of town.