Couple Wins Bid on Crypts

July 24, 2006 -- 6:10 PM CDT

PARAGOULD, AR -- Donald and Lee Purcell have won the bid on two crypts that were up for auction inside the mausoleum at the Linwood Cemetery in Paragould.

"The bidding ceased today at noon, so I went by at 11:55 a.m. to see if anybody had bid on it," said Purcell.  "There was one bid, and I bid a little more than he did and here I am."

The City Beautiful Commission held the auction, and Donna Knight, president of the commission, gave Dr. Purcell the legal documents on his pair of crypts.

"We've done it," he said.  "We're here...but we don't plan on using this anytime soon.  We have other plans and other things to do."

They said that picking a place for eternal life is very private to them, and they both decided that they didn't want to be buried in the ground.

"We've had several interesting experiences in our lives," said Purcell.  "We've done many things...we've done a lot of traveling, but we've never bought a crypt in a mausoleum before.  I guess I've always wanted to do that," he added.

They've done it.  Their winning bid of $3,100 gets them the crypts and allows the City Beautiful Commission to make improvements on the mausoleum with the proceeds.