Indiana Murder Suspect Possibly in Region 8

JULY 24, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:45 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Last Monday, 3 bodies were found in a corn field in Pike County, Indiana. Since then, Nicholas Harbison has been on the run. Harbison has been on the run for a week, but he's not alone. He's had with him his girlfriend, 21 year old Misty Davis, their 2 year old daughter Kelsie, and his step-mother, Joyce Harbison. It's believed they were right here in region 8.

Early Monday morning, Misty's father, John Davis, says he was relieved to hear a knock at his door, but soon disappointed to see his daughter wasn't with them.

"For whatever reason, Nick allowed them to leave and they drove the car that they had fled here in. They drove that back," says John Davis, the father of Misty Davis, who has been reported missing for a week now.

According to the suspect's step-mother Joyce, they had traveled from their home in Princeton, Indiana, miles south to Jonesboro, Arkansas.

"Joyce, which is Nick's step-mother, said they were in the Jonesboro area. Now did she say that for the past few days that they had been living in Jonesboro, no, but as far as names of towns, Jonesboro was the only town that she had mentioned that they were at," says Davis.

He says that Harbison is an extremely dangerous person, as shown by the alleged slayings last week.

"He just didn't shoot them, which is bad enough. He went back and stabbed them to ensure that they were dead and for someone to do that there's just some kind of internal anger there," says Davis.

He says mainly he just wants everyone to be aware and cautious. He says who knows where they are, but hopefully spreading the word can prevent this from becoming even worse.

"He's out there and he's in a desperate situation and he's trying to evade the police. Right now, they have no resources and they'll have to have those to exist and those resources are going to have to come from the general public," says Davis.

We contacted the Jonesboro Police, Arkansas State Police, and the Highway Patrol Monday. So far none of them have received any word that Harbison or his companions have been in the area.