Loretta's FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How much will it cost to have a party?

Know what type of party you are planning with other information available (i.e. location, time, amount of guests, theme) at the time of the call.

2.  Do you have one menu?

Each party is different and is planned around your event.  Most larger parties need a consultant to visit and help you plan you event.

3.  Do you make cakes?

Yes, we make cakes.  We can make wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, 3-D (freestanding shaped cakes) and regular cakes.

4.  Will you use our family recipe?

Yes, we will make your recipe or one of ours.  We can even design a recipe around your theme party as well as research our cook book library for new recipes.

5.  Will you decorate my party?

Yes, we will decorate your event. We can decorate and do event planning to fit your needs.

6.  Do you cater theme parties?

Yes, we offer a large range of theme parties.  We will use our recipes or research new recipes and decorations to fit any theme.

7.  Will you cater outside Jonesboro?

Yes, our staff will travel to your location.  We can plan and cater a party  in Jonesboro or outside of our area.  We have traveled to several locations.

For example: Memphis, West Memphis, Searcy, Wynne,  Forrest City, Batesville, Pocahontas, Augusta, areas in Missouri, and all surrounding communities.

8.  What are Loretta's specialities?

Everything is prepared with the highest quality ingredients.  Our specialities are the sliced beef tenderloins and heavy horse d'oeuvres.

9.  Can I order food for our family dinners?

Yes, you can place an small order for your family meals.  The meals can be ready for pick up after you get off of work.

10.  Do you have a full service Restaurant?

At one time, Loretta's did serve lunch.    No, we do not have the walk in lunch any more.  Our dining room is still available for parties and private dinners.

You can order meals to be picked up anytime.

11.  Can I order meals to be sent to my customers?

Yes, we can prepare meals and deliver to your customers on you behalf.

12.  How long has Loretta's been in business? 

We have been in our currant location for 14 years. We will have our 15 years in business celebration in 2007.  Loretta Kelly has been catering over 25 years.   Many of her original customers are still with us.