Can You ID This Witness?

Someone has been robbing Jonesboro convenience stores and the police admit they don't have a single credible lead. But they have found a possible witness and want your help to identify him in hopes he may be able to help police solve several cases.

Here's the video of the robber cleaning out the register at the Kum and Go near Stadium and Race in Jonesboro. As I said, police have no leads but they have found this man, a possible witness. He left the store right before the robber came in and detectives think he may have seen something that can help them with the case. He is not a suspect. If you know who this potential witness is call Crimestoppers and let police know call 935-STOP. Whoever helps police solve these series of crimes will most definitely get a handsome reward.

If you have more than 20 warrants you are a Warrant Watch All-Star. And that's Amanda I. Inman. Check out her bio: 12 non-payment of fines, 14 revocation of probation, 1 hot check and 4 failure to appear warrants. 31 total!

Bill I. Hampton's no slouch but he's no All-Star. He has 18 non-payment of fines warrants out of Jonesboro.

If you can help Bill Hampton or Amanda Inman find their way to JPD it's worth cash. Call Crimestoppers 935-STOP or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel and give them your tip. As always, your calls and emails are anonymous. Give them a call and remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers 935-STOP.