What's in "Store" for Jonesboro

July 26, 2006 Posted at 8:30 a.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR   What's in 'Store' for Jonesboro? We're talking retail. In the past year stores and restaurants have been popping up all over Jonesboro, and it's all close to the Mall at Turtle Creek. We talked to mall developer Bruce Burrow to find out if it's the mall helping Jonesboro to grow, or just the need for development.

"It's a prime location over here on Stadium and Highland. The Mall at Turtle Creek has been a big success, and it has increased the traffic flow. So that's one reason businesses are trying to move closer or opening by the mall."

The mall opened in late March and with it's success other businesses signed on to be part of the "mall crowd".

"Well we have a great deal of stores in the mall, and there are a few locations inside that haven't opened, but we'll have the third wave of stores to open in the next few months. As you probably already know, Chilli's opened up and they are doing very well, and we will soon have Chic-filet open. When other stores and restaurants see the business that these here in Jonesboro are doing, it will make others want to build here. Jonesboro is a great town for development."

And the development isn't going to end with the mall.

"I think the mall is more of a component rather than the end of development. It's been a huge success, but along with that mall has come other businesses wanting to build here. Jonesboro is becoming a small city rather than a town, and I know we can handle it. It's not just the retail end that's growing, we have schools, a university, medical centers, all of these things bring more people here, so we just try to create services for them. And along with that comes jobs."

Bruce Burrow says over 900 jobs were created by the Mall at Turtle Creek and there are more to come.

"We know Chic-Filet will bring in more jobs, but we are now working on a project just across from the mall called "Turtle Crossing". It will have some great stores in it as well, (none that can be disclosed just yet) and when that opens, we will have created over 2,000 jobs in Jonesboro in the past year, just in this area."