Jonesboro City Council Meets for Flooding Issues

July 26, 2006--Posted at 5:48 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--The Jonesboro City Council met Wednesday to try to get a handle on the city's flooding problems. While nothing concrete was decided, the city feels the effort is going in the right direction.

"Myself and all 12 councilmen are on the same page on this. The engineering staff are all on the same page. We're all trying to move forward to get these hot spots, these trouble areas that have been here for years and years corrected and moved out of the way," said Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon.

At Wednesday's meeting the City Council considered proposals to get the ball rolling to fix immediate problems at Fire Station Two on Washington, West Highland Street and Flemon Road just to name a few.

"We identified 10 major projects we want to get finished and put to rest. That won't be the last 10. When we finish with that 10, we will move onto another 10. It's a good workable number," said Formon.

A number of the drainage problems like the ones at Monroe, Chestnut and Huntington Streets have been going on for several decades, that's why the city says it is unrealistic to have these problems fixed in less than a month.

"It will take a little while but we are hoping pretty soon we'll see some dirt turning, some pipe being laid and getting some things done," said Formon.

While most of the problems have been identified, the city is turning to engineering firms to see how quickly these issues can be resolved. However the city isn't aware of all the problems.

"If you do have a drainage problem, you need to get in touch with us. Call the street department and get it on the list," said Formon.

The Jonesboro City Council meets again August 1st to consider bids on several of these key projects.