Road Trip - What's New at the Zoo

July 28, 2006 Posted at 5:45 a.m. CST

Memphis, TN -  If you go every year to the zoo, or you haven't been in twenty years, there are always fun and exciting events to see. This year they have a brand new treat, and they want you to come travel the Northwest Passage.

Inside the 23 million dollar exhibit, there are polar bears, sea lions, bald eagles, and black bears. You can learn about their habitats, survival skills, and even learn about conservation.

The sea lions put on a great show, and a little secret...if it's a hot day, you can stand really close to the tank and get soaked!

One of the most famous attractions at the Memphis Zoo is the Giant Pandas. This is one in only four zoos in the United States to exhibit these beautiful creatures. And now you don't have to pay extra to see the pandas, it's all included in your admission ticket.

But there are still the all time favorites like the monkeys, the elephants, and the hippos. At one time Memphis Zoo was named the "Hippo Capitol of the World" because of the amount of offspring being born to their zoo.

It doesn't stop there...coming soon to the Memphis Zoo will be an exhibit called Teton Trek, a tribute to Yellowstone National Park. And after that, those hippos will be getting a new Hippo Camp.

For more information on the zoos events, ticket prices, and location log onto their website.

Or call (901) 276-WILD  (901) 276-9453