Bono Lake Project Appears Dead in the Water

JULY 28, 2006 - Posted at 2:54 p.m. CDT

BONO, AR - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission says a proposed $2.5 million watershed project aimed to address flooding and add a recreational area in Bono has been scrapped.

The land for the project, which was seven years in the making, has been sold.

The watershed project would have addressed flooding that has plagued the eastern sections of Bono while also providing a place for people to fish.

Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan says Craighead County doesn't have a state park or fishery, and the watershed project would have been a great addition.  Duncan says he hates to see Game and Fish sell the land.

The project would have included 135 acres for a lake and also would have featured a park, in the hills north of Bono along Crowley's Ridge.  Local officials say the project could have been a big tourism and recreation draw for the area.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)