Snakes Found in Mailboxes

July 28, 2006 -- Posted at 8:22 p.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS, AR -- A couple of people in the Randolph County Town of Pocahontas have been on the receiving end of a cruel joke in two separate incidents, residents have been shocked to find dead snakes in their mailboxes.

"There was a snake found in a lady's mailbox here in town.  At first we were thinking it was an isolated incident... just some kids pulling a prank.  Here just a few days ago we had another incident which our animal control officer went and responded to, and found another snake," said Pocahontas C.I.D. officer Jesse Luffman.

The first snake was found on July 12th at a residence.  The second snake was found on Monday, July 24th at Mid South Health Source by an employee of the company.

"She opened the mail box, intending to check her mail, and there was a snake laying on top of her mail.  It was a very large snake... and she's scared of snakes.  It just freaked her out and she took off running," said Randy Carter, an animal control officer for the city of Pocahontas.

"I'm pretty scared of snakes myself, and I don't know what would happen if I opened up and found that snake.  I would have been pretty scared, and I'm assuming those people were too," said Luffman.

Police officials say that they are treating this case very seriously, and are looking for the culprit... or culprits in the crimes.

"We're looking into a possible connection between the two and some future criminal action," said Luffman.

It is unknown at this time what the exact crime is, other than the evidence left at the crime scene, the dead snakes.

"If it was just a prank, some kids, it could be harassment or disorderly conduct.  Depending on the motive, it could be up to threatening.  It's still too early to tell right now," said Luffman.

Both snakes found in the mailboxes were dead.  At least one of the snakes was a rat snake, a snake that isn't poisonous, but is very large and scary.

"I stretched it out from the tail to the head, and it was 6'7" long.  That's a pretty good size snake," said Carter.

The Pocahontas Police Department is currently investigating both of these instances.  They say that they don't have a motive yet for the crime.  If you have any information about the snakes found in the mailboxes, please contact the Pocahontas Police Department at 870-897-8967