Randolph County Sesquicentennial - Celebrating 150 Years

July 31, 2006 Posted at 4:15 a.m. CST

Pocahontas, AR----   Sesquicentennial...it may be a hard word to say, but it's the buzz of the town. Starting September 21, Pocahontas will celebrate being a city for 150 years, but talking to the residents we found, it's not just the city they are celebrating. It's their history and their future.

"There are so many wonderful pieces of history that have happened right here in our city and we are so proud of that. Part of the Trail of Tears passed through here, we know that the first steamboat traveled down the Black River in 1829, we have two of the oldest homes left in Arkansas right here in Randolph County. The great thing is we have all of our documents."

Cindy Robinett, a local who has been tracing her family and history for years, shared with us many details of the excitement in their County.

"There is so much research being done right now that links important dates in history to us, right here in Randolph Co. Artifacts and documents are being found, and people are starting to recognize us in that history. It's just a really exciting time for all of us."

The residents are proud of their town and they want you to be a part of their 150 year celebration. If you would like information on this event or other facts about Randolph County, log onto www.randolphcomuseum.org and click on Sesquicentennial.