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Consider This - July 31, 2006

God Bless the 875th!

On Saturday, July 22nd you joined together, you lined the highways in Paragould and Jonesboro, to show the brave men and women of the 875th that we support them and we are proud of them.

Consider This...

We are very fortunate to have men and women like those that make up the 875th who are willing to make the commitment to defend our country; to defend our freedom. Being away from their families will be extremely tough on these soldiers... and it will be just as difficult for the families they leave behind.

In a matter of weeks they are headed to Iraq... a part of the world that is unfamiliar to most of the soldiers... and a place that remains very unstable and very unsafe. We will pray for their safe return and pray for their families right here in Region 8.

Very soon, you will hear more about a project we are working on with other business partners. When these men and women complete their training in September or October they will most likely receive a few days to spend time with their families before they deploy to Iraq. There's just one problem... the soldiers are in Wisconsin... the families are right here in Region 8. But, the soldiers have no transportation.

So you know what... We're gonna provide some transportation... we're gonna bring them home... it's the least we can do considering the huge sacrifice they are making for us. But we can't do it by ourselves... so we'll be asking for your help...

Once we finalize the plans later this week we'll tell you, the good neighbors of Region 8, just what you can do to help make that happen. Stay tuned...

Thank you to the 875th, and all the men and women who defend these United States of America.

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