JPD Increases Patrol as Neighborhood Violence Spikes

JULY 31, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Shots continue to be fired and one local neighborhood continues to be the witness.

All within 5 days, 3 shootings occurred within blocks from each other. One at 604 Marshall, another at 1900 Cedar Heights and just across the road on the same street, another shooting at 2009 Cedar Heights. We rode along with a Jonesboro Police Patrol Unit to see what they're doing to prevent the action from continuing.

"[We have] additional units coming to the area when possible. The call volume in this area has increased over the last couple of weeks and just by that alone, that's going to put more police presence in the area," says JPD Officer Stephen Eaton, who currently patrols the North Jonesboro vicinity.

"The investigators are working on it and they'll come up with whose responsible and hopefully put a halt to it," adds Eaton.

But 5 Jonesboro shootings in the past 5 days; Most would assume that's unusual for the city of Jonesboro.

"It's not uncommon to have shooting in the area, just random people shooting guns, but to have people actually being shot is another thing," says Eaton.

One resident who has lived in the area for years says she has enjoyed her neighborhood, up until the last few weeks.

"The heights ain't bad, it's just the people that be out here. I've been out here for 10 years and really my kids got grown out here. So much going on now, I'm ready to move," says a longtime neighbor of Cedar Heights Drive.

She says she's truly concerned about her safety and the safety of her family.

"My biggest concern is that a bullet is going to come through my door one day," says the resident of Cedar Heights.

She believes the police aren't completely grasping the full story and what's happening to the neighborhood.

"Police need to move out here. They need to move into one of these houses and see what's really going on," says the resident of Cedar Heights.

Officer Ray Buhrmester has been patrolling this area constantly and just recently accepted an offer from a landlord in the neighborhood. He will soon move into an apartment within the same block the shooting continue to happen. He'll work around the clock as a courteous officer, all inn hopes to help cut back on the violence.

As for now, police say they will continue to increase patrol efforts in the area and work to decrease any type of violent activity.