Researcher Says AgriTourism Feasible for Arkansas

AUGUST 1, 2006 - Posted at 3:30 p.m. CDT

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - A University of Arkansas researcher says the state has the resources necessary to promote "agritourism," an informal collection of Christmas tree farms, "you pick-'em" vegetable farms and corn mazes.  Harrison Pittman, an assistant research professor and a staff attorney for the National Agricultural Law Center, said Arkansas has the human and physical resources needed.  He said agritourism could be a source of tax revenue and help develop the Arkansas economy.  The industry could include vineyards, fish hatcheries and traditional crop or livestock farms.

Pittman says levels of agritourism exist in every state, but that some states have done much more to promote it.  Some states have Internet sites on which farm operations can post notices while some state governments directly support agritourism.

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