Jonesboro's City Council Makes Progress With Drainage Issue

AUGUST 1, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The Jonesboro City Council's Public Works Committee seems to have finally laid the groundwork to address the city's ongoing drainage problem. A working meeting was held Tuesday to thoroughly consider each drainage project. Later in regular session, the committee made exact recommendations, as to which contracts will be addressed first.

The committee decided to first give authorization to drainage projects located at Center Grove and West Highland Drive, Jonesboro Fire Station Number 2 on West Washington Avenue and the drainage problem at Flemon road. The contracts must first be negotiated with the mayor and engineering firms before being approved by the entire council. Once the negotiations are complete, the committee did ask the mayor to call a special voting meeting before the next regular council meeting on August 15th.

"We want to get some of these things going. It's a major problem for the whole city of Jonesboro. We want to fix the drainage problem where no one has a problem with it getting in their homes and that's our main objective," says Darrel Dover, an alderman and member of the Public Works Committee.

Alderman Dover did add that as the city continues to grow, the council hopes to have future plans in place so additional developments can handle their own drainage and water issues.

Another big announcement was made during Tuesday's council meeting. Alderman Alec Farmer announced he will not be running for re-election to the council in the fall. Farmer noted that due to personal professional responsibilities he will not be re-seeking the position. This news comes on the same day published reports announced that Charles Frierson will seek the council seat currently held by Farmer.