Good Neighbor 'A Cut Above the Rest'

August 2, 2006 - Posted at 4:03 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- It was an emotional day in Region 8 only a few weeks ago when the 875th Engineer Battalion deployed.  Their mission...the war against terror in Iraq.  The soldiers are expected to be gone for at least a year and nearly all left behind families here in Northeast Arkansas.  As Region 8 prays for their safe return, some folks are upholding the reputation of the good neighbor community.

Escue Lawn Service has been in business in Jonesboro for the last two years.  On the average, they take care of 35-40 lawns a year, but this summer, they had one very special customer.

"There were some friends that wanted to chip in and pay me to do her yard and I thought about it and so I just decided to do it for free for the rest of the year," said Robert Escue.

Escue and his partner Steve Davis have no problems making time to mow the lawn of Amber McElhaney.  Her husband was just deployed with the 875th Engineer Battalion.

"It doesn't take us long to cut a yard and to help them out. What they are doing for us, it's priceless," said Escue, "It's just the Christian thing to do.  We got to help each other out."

Escue says he doesn't mind to help out others who have loved ones serving with the 875th and he is challenging other lawn services in Region 8 to do the same.

"Do the Christian thing, step up and help somebody out because we all need it sometimes," said Escue.

Escue is working with the family support group of the 875th to help locate other families who are in need of his services.