Good Neighbor Community Spotlight Shines on Randolph County

August 3, 2006--Posted at 9:10 pm

JONESBORO-- It was your chance to talk, and you came through.

Dozens of calls and emails were addressed to Randolph County panelists as a part of our first good neighbor community spotlight.

We had a lot of calls, and we're sorry that we couldn't get to all of them, but hopefully we were able to bring you some of the answers you were looking for.

As the spotlight turned on Randolph county...

"Good evening and welcome to our first good neighbor community spotlight," K-8 anchor Diana Davis says.

Good neighbors pulled together to address some of the issues at hand...

"We're going to highlight some of the success stories and the challenges facing the counties 18 thousand people," K-8 anchor Craig Rickert says.

And for Mayor Gary Crocker along with a panel of community and civic leaders, the questions addressing various issues such as sports and recreation, housing, education, city streets and the Randolph County job industry... It was a helpful tool in making improvements and promoting county growth.

"We continue to try and make those kind of improvements," Pocahontas Mayor Gary Crocker says.

Crocker says to see some of the most influential members of the community face to face was an interesting twist to handling community issues.

"Even being the mayor as long as I've been the mayor, I guarantee there's people that said well, I've never seen the mayor or this person or that person... I've heard the names a hundred times, but I've never done it. So there are some positives that come out of that kind of forum," Crocker says.

He also says having those who specialize in certain fields hear a variety of community concerns was just as helpful.

"Not everybody, I think, hears all the kind of questions and concerns that come up. I think they hear what's in their arena or what they deal with day to day and they don't really realize all the issues that may be out there. It probably helps draw everybody together," Crocker says.

And for Scott Trammel, a business owner and county resident, keeping unemployment low and cultivating new jobs or expanding existing ones, seems to be the most important issue for the county to address... An issue he says city officials are trying hard to remedy.

"It doesn't matter if it's a 20 person plant of a 20 thousand person plant, we try to get those people in to coming to our community and provide jobs," Tool Central Owner and panelist Scott Trammel says.

And overall, the panel members agree that Randolph County is a tightly knit community that will work together in making changes... It's a togetherness that Trammel says he's witnessed first hand...

"I'm a third generation Randolph countian. I love it. It's home... That's all I can say it's just home," Trammel says.