State Police Release Report on Eells Accident

AUGUST 4, 2006 - Posted at 5:37 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - KATV says the final report by Arkansas State Police on the two-car accident that killed sportscaster Paul Eells and Dover resident B.J. Burton says both vehicles were traveling at or near the speed limit.

A data recorder inside Bell's vehicle has been analyzed and indicates he was driving with his cruise control and it was never turned off.  It also appears brakes were never applied.  His car crossed the center line, through the median and hit Burton's vehicle in the inside lane.  State Police say neither driver reacted.

State Police say they may never know what caused Eells to cross the center line.  He was returning home from Fayetteville on Monday when the accident happened on Interstate 40 near Russellville.

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