Local Arkansas Travel Reaction to New Terror Alert

AUGUST 10, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

ARKANSAS -- The Airline Industry is on a higher state of alert after a foiled terror plot in Great Britain. After the recent scare, travelers are naturally going to be more cautious when flying, but now other added stresses are put in the picture, and it's affecting more than you might think.

"Passengers may not have liquid or gel of any size at the screening checkpoint or in the cabin of the aircraft," says Little Rock Airport Employee.

And it's affecting travelers, limiting them to what they can bring aboard the plane. Basically, passengers are not allowed to have liquids or gels as a carry-on.

"I put it in my bag and went on my business as usual," says one Little Rock Airport Traveler.

"When I get to my destination, my stuff is in my baggage that I checked. Otherwise, they would have thrown it all away, my nice lotion," adds another traveler.

But when the fear of traveling in the air reignites, it not only affects those flying. It also can affect businesses. William Williams owns Travel With Us, a local travel agency here in Jonesboro. We spoke with him in regards to the recent threats and how this could affect his business.

"We're anticipating it won't bother our business extensively. We think about 2 or 3 days and this will blow over," says Williams.

Williams said since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, travelers have become much more accustomed to dealing with tighter security, so he says this shouldn't be much of a change. He says there is some advice however to consider.

"You've got to be patient and understanding that the security people are there for your protection and they're not there to harass you at all," says Williams.

Also, he says try to pack light. It could save you some headaches.

"This is the key thing to be prepared before you go. Limit the amount of things you carry with you to that which is necessary," adds Williams.