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Jonesboro, AR -- Gia Hill Reports

School Zone Safety Tips

August 14, 2006 -- 5:00 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The new school year kicks off next week for thousands of students and parents in the Jonesboro area, and that means traffic congestion.

"The first week of school will be very busy," said Lacy Tilton, Principal at Fox Meadow Elementary.  "All of our new parents will be coming in trying to get accustomed to the school and to the traffic pattern."       

Tilton said that the construction on Fox Meadow Lane is still on-going, and she's asking drivers to be patient.

"Above and beyond please be observant...watching the other cars, watching pedestrians and making sure that you look for children at cross walks," she said.    

Leterya Thomas has two children enrolled at the school, and she's already teaching them safety precautions.

"I'm teaching them that now...teaching them to watch out for cars before they cross the road because accidents do happen," she said.

Tilton said that drivers should also be conscious of school buses as they stop to pick up and drop off children to and from school.

"Do not pass any buses that have their lights flashing and their stop signs out," said Tilton.  "I just ask that drivers take a little bit of extra time these first few weeks while everyone is getting accustomed to the traffic patterns."      

Zone regulations will be back in effect August 21, and slowing down will make the commute a lot easier.

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