9-Year-Old Saves Family From Fire

August 15, 2006 -- 5:10 PM CDT

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- Haley Simmons of Lawrence County turned 9-years-old Tuesday, Aug. 15, and it will be a birthday that she'll never forget.

"Something caught on fire back here somewhere," she said as she pointed towards her bedroom window.  "It got over to the bed, and it got up on the bed where I was sleeping.  The fire got up on my stomach and my arm, and it burnt me," she added.

Little Haley has second degree burns on her arms and stomach.  She said there was a voice inside her head telling her to wake up...and she did...screaming for her mother.

"When she got up, she stood in the doorway and she started yelling 'mama, mama, mama,' said Margrat Simmons.  "I got up and I saw what was going on and I hollered for my husband."

Six people inside escaped the burning flames in the wee hours of the morning, all because of brave Little Haley.

"I was just trying to get my family safe," she said.

Her actions saved the lives of her parents, her little brother, grandmother and her grandmother's boyfriend.  Her mother said she feels lucky to be alive.

"Never take anything for granted," she said.  "She (Haley) just had to have somebody watching over her that woke her up."

Just call Little Haley an angel in disguise.