Jonesboro City Council Approves Drainage Project Plans

August 16, 2006--Posted at 12:30 am

JONESBORO-- Finally... Progress. After decades of temporary fixes to Jonesboro's flooding and drainage problems... The city has a plan to 'stem the tide'.

First came the identifying 11 flooding hot spots ... Today they approved preliminary plans for three of the 11.

The council has faced criticism for the long time it has taken to address drainage in Jonesboro.

But advisers say the council should not be singled out for the longevity of the project, but the diligent work they've achieved in making progress.

"To do work on the scale that the council is now trying to do, without a master plan, it would be in my view not wise to go out and start trying to do projects all over town because your going to effect the whole water system," Mike Cameron of Cameron Construction says.

Of 11 drainage projects, the city's goal was to finalize preliminary engineering contracts on three of those.

"The engineering firms we talked with today came back with some great plans and ideas. We were able to trim down a lot more money off the original estimates that they had," Mayor Doug Formon says.

The first set of plans include the Farm Creek area off of South Culberhouse. The Pines Apartments off of North Caraway and the intersection of Kitchen & Oak--over to halter. The estimated cost of these three projects, almost 800 thousand dollars in construction costs.

"Some of the ideas may have to be tweaked out a little bit, but for the most part, I think the engineering firms have those down and we know exactly what we're going to do," Formon says.

The council approved those preliminary plans, and at this point, design engineers will prepare plans for bidding. And although they are still in the beginning stages, the council is well on their way to completing a much anticipated project.

"I know that some may think that a master plan was not necessary and if you're getting your feet wet in your house, what good does a master plan do? But in my view they're going about it in the right way, and they are making progress that people are now going to be able to see," Cameron says.