Teachers Gear Up for School

August 18, 2006 -- 7:00 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Kendra Lomax is no rookie to teaching in the classroom, but this year will be a first for her teaching preschoolers.

Lomax said that not only do students get butterflies, but teachers do too.

"I don't sleep for two weeks before school starts," said Lomax.  "I wake up in the middle of the night thinking 'I need to do this, and this and this,' so you don't get much rest."

Lomax said there's a lot of preparation that teachers go through for the big day.

"For about the past month...I come up a couple hours a day and work in my room and get everything ready for the kids."

She said she's absolutely thrilled about having the little ones in her classroom.

"For my kids...when they come in on Monday, they're going to see my room, and the building is just set up so nice," said Lomax.  "They'll come in and see the different areas, such as art and music, that they can work in."

Several learning stations are set up in her room, and Michelle Curtis, Director of Jonesboro Pre-K Center, said it's all about having fun.

"If you come into the school, you would hear lots of laughter," said Curtis.  "Children are working in their centers, which to the normal eye would be considered play, but to a child's eye, they learn through play."

Lomax said that getting the hands-on experience through learning is very important in the early statges of life.

"We mold a child...getting them at 3 and 4-years-old," said Lomax.  "We want them to enjoy school and be ready to come each day and learn something new."

The halls at Jonesboro Pre-K Center were decked out with different themes, like Rockin into Pre-K.  This is a unique way to get a child excited about school...through good old rock 'n roll.