Not Enough Room in Residence Halls

August 19, 2006 -- Posted at 3:32 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- This fall the Twin Towers Residence Hall is shut down and the newest residence hall is open for students.

"Students are excited.  They've been excited.  They've shown us their excitement because most of these buildings have been sold out since last march," said Dr. Rick Stripling.

However, even with the new residence hall it seems there's still not enough room.

"We are right now, in our traditional residence halls, having some overflow.  We call this temporary overflow because we see this only as an issue for the next three to four days," said Stripling.

Now, the officials with Arkansas State University must go through their lists and see who is checking in and who isn't.  The rooms being held for those students who end up not coming to school will be given to other students.

About 40 students, all juniors and seniors, will be relocated to the Comfort Inn in Jonesboro.

Transportation for the relocated students will be provided free of charge by the Jonesboro Economic Transit System.

Students affected by this change don't seem to be letting this bother them too badly.

"You want to be close to the school, that's why you chose to stay in the dorms, so it's going to be an adjustment," said student David Harris.

If you need more information about residence life at Arkansas State University you can log onto: