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Jonesboro, AR-- Brett Garrett Reports

Jonesboro Fire Truck Pushes Car Through Apartment

August 24, 2006--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--It started as a normal night of television at home and ended like a nightmare episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

"We were all sitting there watching television. The neighbor came over and told us the apartment, two doors down, was on fire and we should get out," said Jason Alan Brockunier of 1811 Burns Circle.

After the family exited the house, the Jonesboro Fire Department arrived and parked their truck behind Brockunier's car. Several minutes later he returned to the apartment to grab some diapers. On his way out he was greeted with a scary surprise.

"All the sudden I saw the fire truck like someone mashed the gas. It just plowed the back of the car and just rammed into the house," said neighbor Faye Parsons.

"I open the door and here comes my car. It had me pinned against the wall, sliding the whole way. When it was all said and done I was laying in the bathroom," said Brockunier.

The fire truck pushed the car so hard, it actually jumped up two separate ledges before heading into the living room. If the neighbors not given the family a warning to get out, it could have cost the life of a 6 month old baby.

"My son sits on the floor right in front of where the television sits. If we wouldn't have been out, he would have been smashed," said Brockunier.

Jonesboro Fire Chief Aaron Keller credits the parked trucks movement to a mechanical malfunction. A malfunction that ruined a family's home and their car.

 "We really have no place to go, as you can see my house is pretty much gone. No way I can go back there to live," said Brockunier.

"You got a 6 month old baby and nowhere to put your head down at night. It is just a sad situation," said Parsons.

The Jonesboro Fire Department and the Red Cross have set the family up with three nights food and clothing. In addition they have been hard at work finding the family a new place to live.

While the family should have a new place to live much of their belongings were destroyed by the car. If you would like to help this family get back on their feet email for more information.

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