Poll Shows Arkansans want Troops back Home

August 25, 2006 -- 7:00 PM CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- It's been three years since President Bush called for a War on Terror, and three years later, new reports show that Arkansans want troops to withdraw immediately.

"I think they ought to come home," said Mary Jones of Jonesboro.  "I'd love to see them come home.  I don't like the idea that so many of them are getting killed over there," she said.

According to a new poll by Opinion Research Associates, 53 percent of Arkansans favored an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, but the strongest demand for withdrawal came from African-American Arkansans, of which 78 percent wanted an immediate pullout or favored a definite timetable.

"From day one I've been against the war," said Rev. Ray Scales.  "I'm for the troops, but not the war.  I think it's a terrible waste of time, a terrible waste of tax payers dollars and the lost lives of our young men and women."

Rev. Scales said that it's time for the United States to take care of home.

"A lot of things in the United States need to be taken care of.  There are people who are hungry.  There are people who are suffering right here at home.   Let's take care of home," he said.  "The majority of the people suffering here at home are African-American."

Rev. Scales also said that it's not about black and white.  He said he has friends---black and white, who are for and against the war.

"I think it's more or less that people see a loss of life, and what would be accomplished there?  I mean...show me," he said.

He wants the government to show him, but his friend Sam Rosse of Jonesboro doesn't need a visual.

"They need to stay there until they get finished," said Rosse.  "They're over there.  They're doing a good job, and I support them a hundred percent."

Although opinions are mixed on the war in the Middle East, everyone seems to agree on one issue...supporting American troops.