Teen Tobacco Use Down Significantly in Missouri

AUGUST 28, 2006 - Posted at 8:04 a.m. CDT

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri teens aren't lighting up the way they did ten years ago.

In 1994, a survey found that about 40 percent of Missouri high

school students had recently smoked cigarettes.

But last year, barely 21 percent of surveyed high school

students said they had smoked one or more cigarettes in the past 30


While applauding the decline, some anti-smoking activists are

surprised by it.

The state spends about two (m) million dollars on anti-tobacco

efforts. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

recommends Missouri spend at least 33 (m) million dollars annually

on a comprehensive anti-tobacco program _ and up to 91 (m) million

dollars a year if it really wants to do the job well.