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Hope, AR

FEMA Trailers Still in Hope One Year After Katrina

AUGUST 29, 2006 - Posted at 2:53 p.m. CDT


HOPE, AR - Thousands of mobile homes collected to provide temporary homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina still sit unused at the Hope Airport, and it's been a year since the storm ravaged the Gulf Coast and left thousands of people homeless.

Peter Smith of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward now lives at Texarkana.  He says it's a crying shame for so many people to be displaced and not have a place to stay, especially when the mobile homes at Hope sit vacant.

He said many New Orleans residents hadn't returned to the city simply because they have nowhere to live.

The trailers, plus travel trailers recently added to the collection, were intended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be shipped to the Gulf Coast for use by storm victims.  The agency said various restrictions on where the trailers could be placed stalled deployment, including a prohibition on placing them in flood plains.  Some were sent to northeast Arkansas to aid tornado victims in Marmaduke last spring.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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